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During the lockdown time in 2020, there was reported a high rise in the number of domestic violence cases. Fargo team wanted to speak out on the issue. We made a video and posted it online. It got about 400 000 views in the first 24 hours. People have been sharing it for weeks, it has also been posted by some influencers.

Our message was heard and later it became the beginning of our work with Silsila project, the charitable foundation created to assist the victims of domestic violence. It was also the beginning of the great creative path of co-working with the foundation’s creator and famous Russian singer Manizha.

When streets, parks, movie theaters are empty, and there’s no one around, a different story comes forward. It is something that no one talks about because it’s too scary or embarrassing to speak of.
It happens behind closed doors, the doors of a home that should be a castle but turned out to be a jail. The most terrible virus is violence. Don’t let it spread. Don’t keep silent.

"The most terrible virus is violence"

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